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  • Visit Farms

    Farms are visited during the growing season to determine which market and type of packaging will be used.
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  • Check Quality

    Throughout the growing season the produce is continually inspected for color, sugar content, size and bloom
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  • Load Produce

    The produce is loaded directly onto sea freight containers on the farm. To maintain the cool chain the produce is pre cooled to below 1 Celsius* prior to loading. This is particularly important if cherries are to arrive firm and crunchy!
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  • Ship Produce

    Shipments to Asia usually arrive within 2-3 weeks and to the Middle East within 3-4 weeks depending on the destination

Minnis Horticultural Services prides itself in ensuring produce is shipped as quickly as possible after harvest.

We understand each market has their own unique requirements, and so we make regular visits to overseas markets, inspecting produce, talking to importers and encouraging them to visit Australia, especially during the harvest period.

We will continue to meet the rigorous and contrasting demands of each market while making sure that only the highest quality produce is shipped.

For more information feel free to get into contact with us.