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888 Exports is one of the premier Australian export companies that specialises in seasonal fruit particularly going into the Asian Markets. We were established in 1992 and we specialised in stone fruit, cherries, grapes and other seasonal fruit where we emphasise the taste the sweetness of the fruit and vegetable and look to satisfy Asian customers.

We really select product that we know will work in our marketplace. Often in Asia it’s sweet fruit that they’re particularly interested in. And so we select the right type of fruit and the right maturity.

We commence our Table Grape export program in December, usually with red varieties and white varieties. They are seedless and pick them at the optimum maturities so that we start off with a satisfied customer in Asia with nice sweet fruit and we continue right through to May, June.

Cherries are sourced from mid November right through to early February and 888 Exports has growers in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and down in Tasmania so it’s a long season, over 12 weeks.

These cherries a largely shifting into Asia and the Middle East by air but sea shipment is possible if the voyage time is under three weeks.

Other fruits that 888 Exports specialises in are nectarines, plums, peaches and apricots.

So if you’re interested in ordering and importing sweet juicy Australian fruits please email or fill out our online form.